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Scottish Stovies

Mains Scottish Stovies
Serves 6 90 minutes
Lard (or beef dripping)1 tablespoon
Medium Onions 2
Roast Beef or cooked sausages 4 oz
Peeled Potatoes 2 lbs
Beef Stock (or left over gravy)500ml
Salt and Pepper for seasoning Pinch

Using a casserole dish. Fry the onions with the lard or in oil until softened for about 5 to 8 minutes

Add the peeled diced potatoes

Pour over the stock and any gravy or beef sediment

Cover with a lid and cook checking from time to time it has not boiled dry and not sticking to the bottom of the dish. If boiling dry add some more water.

Add the cooked meat about 10 minutes before serving to heat through. Season well with salt and pepper

The meat and vegetables will break up to create a thick, hearty stew-like consistency but still retain their shape. Be careful not to overboil.

Serve the stovies in a deep dish or bowl with rough oatcakes and enjoy!

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